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ACME Propellers are on more inboard boats than those of any other manufacturer. So it might come as a surprise that they're based in the Midwest. Located in Michigan which is home to some of the best freshwater lakes in the world. Fishing, cruising, wakeboarding—they do everything that people on the water do. And they love it. Their love for the water isn't just a hobby. It's their livelihoods. It's what draws them to the lake everyday. It's not free time—it's freedom. And it's not just a propeller—it's ACME.

acme marine propeller bending pin

Unparalleled precision.

ACME has been making performance props for more than 20 years, and they're proud to have the chance to work with the most demanding boat builders in the industry. They custom design mission critical components for the unique needs and applications of their customers; and they don’t take that responsibility lightly. They are a precision component manufacturer committed to meeting the uncompromising demands of their customers.

Why Choose ACME?

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Committed to the details

Their commitment to precision begins every day in their foundry. They cast more than 3,000 of their proprietary components—as well as those designed by their customers in diverse industries including military, marine, automotive, and heavy equipment. Through their careful, consistent CNC machining process, their machine shop takes these rough castings and turns them into finely engineered components.

acme marine propellers in sand splined
acme marine propellers fanned out

Passion is the driver

Their passion for perfection is what drives ACME to design and manufacture performance propellers to the highest quality standards. They know what happens on the water depends on what you’ve got under the surface.

How To Install An ACME Prop

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